While many brides choose to marry in Spring or Aummer, Autumn and Winter shouldn’t be discounted as a time to get married! While many of the flowers available in the warmer months will be hard to obtain for an Autumn or Winter wedding, there are many beautiful blooms that are available year round, and others still that can only be found in the colder months of the year. When selecting your wedding flowers, Geraldton provides a wealth of options for your wedding, no matter the time of year. (more…)

Geraldton wedding flowers, geraldton florist, wedding bouquet, bridal bouquetWhen considering their wedding bouquet, most brides don’t actually realise that some flowers aren’t readily available all year round, so it is helpful to get an idea of seasonal flowers before planning your bouquet. Your local Geraldton florist can help you achieve a gorgeous bouquet, but knowing your favourite flowers of the season first, can help too. (more…)