Ebony and Kyle

The chic floral concept was represented by a soft pastel palette of breathtaking blooms that featured, David Austin roses and peonies there is always so much loveliness with peaches and creams!





We especially adored creating Ebony’s bridal bouquet, the pretty petals were so delicious and soft,  it was the perfect accessory for that gorgeous gown! The bridesmaids in pretty peach dresses held simple designs of white and apricot blooms, all finished with a touch of rustic hessian, lace and twine!


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Breathtaking as always Shaun Rose Photography. Thankyou for these beautiful images.
Floral Design Amour Flowers
Photo Credits Shaun Rose Photography
Venue Morningside Gardens Deepdale

Stacey and Craig

I know! Girl’s got taste right. And the photography…. I want to give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor because how beautiful are these photos Shaun Rose Photography





CS1636 CS1351

Stacey and Craig’s wedding reception was celebrated Nukara Farm.The decor was kept soft and elegant, so as to complement rather than detract attention from the floral centrepieces.
A mix of flowers in soft colours inspired by the colour palette found within the King Protea were selected and styled in a natural way. Loose stemmed Proteas and antique roses with bunches of chryssies,leucadendron and penny gum were arranged for a wild and earthy effect



There were a few key decor pieces such as a vintage suite case, vintage table, wooden crates and tree stumps were used to add an outdoor, rustic feel that warmed up the space


CS2159 CS2101 CS1843



Floral Design Amour Flowers
Photo Credits Shaun Rose Photography
Venue Nukara Farm



Hayley and Ben

This wedding has it all. A touch of glitter and glamour the perfect amount of purple and lavenders, crystals galore, a gorgeous Bride and a handsome Groom – it’s honestly overflowing with gorgeous.




The Morning-side Garden in Geraldton is a gorgeous outdoor venue with a secluded feel, lovely flower gardens, and Shady trees that act as natural arbors providing shade. Ben and Hayley wedding was a glamorous garden wedding filled with love.




Lace Weddngs were there to capture the couples day with cameras flashing
It was such a fun interplay between elegant and sparkly!

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Photo Credits Lace Weddings  Floral Designs Amour Flowers




Holly and Erin

Holly chose a gorgeous mix of fragrant white peonies, pink and mauve grandiflora roses, delicate sweet peas and textural astilbe the bouquet was beautifully adorned with Holly’s grandmother’s blue butterfly brooch pin.
Soft pinks, subtle mauves and textural greys are one of my favourite colour palettes of late. Combine those with lush peonies, velvety dusty miller and sweet vintage lace and you have a gorgeous, romantic feel.
Of course, when you’re as easy on the eye as this bride, I think pretty much anything would look great on you. No doubt her handsome groom, Erin would agree.





Not only are these bridesmaids stunning but they dear to my heart and are some of my closest childhood friends.
The ladies wore long silver chiffon gowns which can do no wrong in my book – such a fresh, modern, playful and feminine combination!



Wow, didn’t Dad look handsome! Stan wore a blackish suit, a crisp Lavender shirt, purple and a bow tie complimented with a rose button hole, but his little girl was was his highlight!. I just love his smile when he laid eyes on Holly for the First time



Miranda is not only a highly talented photographer with the gift of a kick-ass stylist’s eye, but one of the nicest and most down to earth people you’ll come to meet . . Absolutely the type of person you’d feel super relaxed and comfortable around to have capture your wedding day memories while trusting that each photograph produced will be a little work of art. I just love all of these

Congratulations Holly and Erin xx

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Photo Credits Miranda Gregory Wedding Photography

Floral Design Amour Flowers

A corsage is a traditional part of a wedding, as well as other “big days” such as year 10 and 12 formals for those of school age. While a corsage may seem fairly simple, corsage etiquette does exist, and it should be followed.

What is a corsage?

wrist corsage, wedding corsage, geraldton flowers, geraldton florist, wedding flowers geraldtonA corsage is a small bouquet of flowers that is worn on a woman’s dress, jacket, or around her wrist. Corsages can also be worn on a woman’s handbag. Wrist corsages are more durable and able to withstand stresses such as dancing and the frequent hugging encountered at weddings.

Corsages can include flowers from the bride’s bouquet. However, it is also proper to allow the corsage wearer to select the flower she wishes to display on her corsage. A corsage flower should also complement the dress of the wearer.

Corsages can be made of any type of flower, but the popular choices are carnations, gerbera daisies, roses, and tulips. (more…)

When many consider wedding flowers, they think only of the bride’s bouquet, but flowers can be employed in numerous ways in a wedding, and can create a delightful, romantic atmosphere when used well. While the bride generally holds the largest bouquet, her bridesmaids and maid of honour can also carry small bouquets of their own. These will generally complement the bride’s but will be smaller and will often use different blooms (which should complement the colour of their dresses).

Flowers are not Just for the Bride (more…)

While many brides choose to marry in Spring or Aummer, Autumn and Winter shouldn’t be discounted as a time to get married! While many of the flowers available in the warmer months will be hard to obtain for an Autumn or Winter wedding, there are many beautiful blooms that are available year round, and others still that can only be found in the colder months of the year. When selecting your wedding flowers, Geraldton provides a wealth of options for your wedding, no matter the time of year. (more…)

Choosing From the Many Wedding Locations In Geraldton

One of the most important things about planning your wedding, is deciding where it’s going to be located. Many still choose the traditional church wedding, while others opt for something a little different. When it comes to wedding locations, Geraldton has many beautiful places that can become ideal wedding venues, and some may be ones you have never considered! Make the most of Geraldton’s fine weather by enjoying your wedding in the great outdoors in the warmer months. (more…)

A boutonniere, also known as a buttonhole, is the male version of a corsage. It is affixed above the heart, on the left hand side, of a man’s suit. The flowers of a boutonniere can match the bridal bouquet; however, they can also be unique and match the man’s own style. Flowers are not required, and things such as greenery, berries, herbs, and shells have been used. If flowers are desired, popular choices include roses, orchids, and lilies.

Who wears a boutonniere? (more…)