Kate Middleton's Bridal Bouquet: Flowers, Their Significance, and Their Meaning

One of the most talked about weddings in recent times has been Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William. The wedding’s viewers gushed over everything from the wedding dress to the décor to the hats that the guests wore. It was clear that every detail of this wedding was planned to a tee, and the bridal bouquet was no exception.

Kate Middleton’s bouquet was small, beautiful, and fragrant. The flowers were chosen for their meaning to the royal family, Kate’s family, and their heritage. (more…)

famous wedding bouquets, wedding flowers geraldton, geraldton floristMany brides to be turn to celebrity weddings for inspiration when choosing their wedding bouquets, which can actually prove to be a great idea! Some of the most memorable weddings also had some of the most memorable bouquets, ranging from quite simple designs, to those of great complexity and at quite a cost.

The Wedding Bouquets Chosen by the Stars

One of the loveliest bouquets in recent years was Elizabeth Hurley’s at her 2007 wedding to Arun Nayar. While her gown was stunning and cost many thousands of dollars, her bouquet was a simple one featuring lily of the valley. It’s quite a common flower at many weddings, and makes for a beautiful display which will complement the bride! (more…)