Louise and Brent

I loved this incredibly romantic wedding I created at Louise and Brent’s Family farm.

The gorgeous shades of apricot and white in the bridal and bridesmaids bouquets are breathtaking and went so well with the apricot bridesmaids dresses the girls wore. Not to mention the ceremony and reception decor – the mix of rustic and romantic was just perfect.

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A corsage is a traditional part of a wedding, as well as other “big days” such as year 10 and 12 formals for those of school age. While a corsage may seem fairly simple, corsage etiquette does exist, and it should be followed.

What is a corsage?

wrist corsage, wedding corsage, geraldton flowers, geraldton florist, wedding flowers geraldtonA corsage is a small bouquet of flowers that is worn on a woman’s dress, jacket, or around her wrist. Corsages can also be worn on a woman’s handbag. Wrist corsages are more durable and able to withstand stresses such as dancing and the frequent hugging encountered at weddings.

Corsages can include flowers from the bride’s bouquet. However, it is also proper to allow the corsage wearer to select the flower she wishes to display on her corsage. A corsage flower should also complement the dress of the wearer.

Corsages can be made of any type of flower, but the popular choices are carnations, gerbera daisies, roses, and tulips. (more…)

Corsages are a traditional part of the wedding day. They are seen as a symbol of deep appreciation of the females who are chosen to wear them. They are small flower bouquets that should generally be of neutral colour or one that complements the attire being worn by each individual. Corsages can also be worn in different areas – the left side of a woman’s jacket, dress, on her handbag, around her wrist, in her hair, on a hat, or at the waist.

How to attach a corsage

A corsage is usually attached with a pearl-headed pin, but it can also be attached using a magnet for those who are concerned about ruining their dress, jacket, or handbag. The pin is pushed through from the back, through the corsage, and then back through the garment.

Step-by-step guide to attaching a corsage

Here is an easy guide to pinning a corsage.
• Put one hand behind the corsage and hold the stem with the other, making sure the flowers are facing toward the individual pinning them.
• Place the corsage at an angle on the dress or jacket, preferably about 4 inches from the tip of the shoulder.
• Ensure the corsage is evenly placed.
• Using the corsage pin, pin into the fabric at the bottom left corner of the stem.
• Weave the pin out from under the fabric, pushing it about one inch through and placing it at an angle over the stem’s top.
• Push the tip of the pin into the fabric on the other side of the stem.
• Make sure the stem is secured in place.
• Weave the pin out of the back of the fabric again.
• Repeat the steps with the corsage pin at the top left corner of the stem which is just under the flowers.

When finished, make sure the pin is not sticking out, and also make sure it is not poking the skin. If the corsage is a bit heavy, use two corsage pins to ensure the corsage will stay put during the course of the day. As stated, corsage magnets are also available, and they are much less complicated.

Wedding corsages are an important component to consider when planning your Geraldton wedding flower requirements. You local specialist Geraldton florist, Amour Flower can help plan yours!

A boutonniere, also known as a buttonhole, is the male version of a corsage. It is affixed above the heart, on the left hand side, of a man’s suit. The flowers of a boutonniere can match the bridal bouquet; however, they can also be unique and match the man’s own style. Flowers are not required, and things such as greenery, berries, herbs, and shells have been used. If flowers are desired, popular choices include roses, orchids, and lilies.

Who wears a boutonniere? (more…)