Every single detail is planned for a wedding. Often brides and grooms have very specific ideas about what they would like for attire, venue, colour schemes, and decorations – and their wedding flowers.

Flowers are a traditional wedding decoration, and everyone has different tastes in what they do and don’t like. Flowers are a simple, yet elegant way to adorn reception and wedding breakfast tables. (more…)

Geraldton wedding flowers, geraldton florist, geraldton flowers, buttonhole, wedding boutonnierre, wedding flowersWhile Geraldton brides have a whole lot of detail going on in preparation for their wedding – from the dress, to the shoes, to the bouquet, veil, jewellery etc, men usually wear a suit with a nice tie or bowtie. However, in most cases men also wear a flower on their jacket lapel. This flower, which may only appear on one other occasion – a school formal – is a boutonniere, or ‘buttonhole’.

What is a Buttonhole or Boutonniere?

“Boutonniere” is the French word for buttonhole. It is typically worn at formal events such as weddings, formals, or nights out at the theatre or the opera. It is worn on the left lapel of a men’s jacket – the same side one would wear a pocket handkerchief. The boutonniere is attached above the heart. (more…)